New ‘Cannabis Directory’ launches in the UK to streamline medical cannabis prescribing

published on: November 30, 2022

A revolutionary new platform is being launched today which will improve patient access to prescriptions for medical cannabis in the UK. 

The Cannabis Directory aims to tackle the complexity of the medical cannabis sector by providing a new, streamlined system for patients and specialist clinicians to connect with each other, improving access to cannabis medicines. The platform’s objective is to solve some of the current challenges holding back prescribing in the UK, by bringing together trusted, expert clinicians and patients in a straightforward and independent process. Patient-focused, Cannabis Directory wants to remove some of the unnecessary red-tape of the current industry, by allowing specialist consultants to treat patients independently, without the need to be affiliated with a cannabis clinic.

Despite medical cannabis being legal in the UK for nearly four years, the sector has struggled to reach its full potential. With estimates that less than 15,000 legal prescriptions are currently being prescribed, the UK is significantly behind other medical cannabis markets, such as Australia, Germany, and Israel when it comes to prescribing. The Cannabis Directory tackles this issue by making the prescribing process independent, simple, and accessible.

The Directory’s integration with the new, innovative ScriptAssistTM e-prescribing and governance platform from partners Sana Healthcare, will provide clinicians with access to the UK’s first range of medical cannabis treatments for which encouraging, condition-specific outcomes data have been collected. The innovative governance platform reduces risk when prescribing, giving doctors peace of mind through the prescribing process by providing CPD-accredited medical cannabis training, expert multi-disciplinary team support, and real-time patient feedback.

Accessing The Cannabis Directory will also streamline the prescribing process for current medical cannabis patients by making it easier for them to find a trusted specialist. They can use The Cannabis Directory to search for a doctor, using either location or specialty, and get in touch with their chosen specialist via the platform. In addition, through the integrated Patient App, patients can monitor and share their treatment experience with their doctor in real-time, supporting patient-clinician communication and overall health outcomes.

Founder of the Cannabis Directory, GP, and member of the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society Executives Committee, Dr Leon Barron said:

“We created the Cannabis Directory to remove some of the unnecessary bureaucracy in obtaining a medical cannabis prescription in the UK and to make it easier for patients to find trusted specialists.  Patients have a straightforward, independent route to find a trusted doctor via the Directory.  We also provide GPs with an easy-to-navigate and trusted referral pathway for prospective patients.”

“Our specialist doctors are supported throughout the prescribing journey, with clear governance and clinical resources, including prescribing training, titration plans, MDT support, and a formulary of indication-specific products. The Cannabis Directory provides crucial support every step of the way, empowering independent doctors to expand their prescribing ability.”

“We place a strong emphasis on high quality, professional education, and access to data-backed treatments. Through our partnerships with Sana Healthcare, The Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society, and The Primary Care Cannabis Network we ensure that our doctors are kept up to date with the very latest developments in this rapidly developing field of emerging medicine”

Arjun Rajyagor, Chief Operating Officer at Sana Healthcare said:

“ScriptAssist is a comprehensive governance tool combined with a data-led formulary, giving clinicians confidence in the process of prescribing, in the safety and efficacy of medicinal cannabis products, and in the outcomes that patients experience.”

“We know that clinicians want cannabis treatments that are supported by safety and efficacy data, and that’s why we endeavor to source products with supporting data. Through our partnership with the Cannabis Directory, cannabis prescribing is now brought in line with other treatments and prescribing methods freely available to doctors in the UK.”

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