we focus on

regulation, data and technology to innovate the healthcare sector.

We believe in the integration and normalisation of cannabis to transform healthcare. 

In working with leading experts and suppliers, we provide solutions for access to the best cannabis-based products for patients and clinicians.


script assist for clinicians.

Our expertise in technological solutions has powered the Script Assist platform. A comprehensive governance tool combined with a data-led formulary designed for independent specialist clinicians to prescribe Cannabis-based products for medicinal use to their patients.   

Script Assist has an integrated  Patient application to provide real-time symptom monitoring, supporting patient-clinician communication and overall health outcomes.   


for suppliers.

We provide all our partners with everything they need to start their European businesses.
Market access
Strategic insights and market readiness intelligence to drive informed decision making for new market entry.
Centralisation of data assets
Market access for your products, developing bespoke strategies driven by available clinical data.
Licensed import and distribution services
Fully licensed importation and distribution services, offering a turnkey solution from product import to patient delivery.
Full transparency into supply chain
Continuous feedback loop from clinicians and patients to further refine future product development.
Licensed import and distribution services
Full transparency and visibility into prescription flows and timeframes.

our licenses.



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